4797 Hayes Road Suite 102, Madison, Wisconsin 53704
(608) 244-1455 info@wisconsinpta.org

Board of Directors


                                                                                      Executive Board of Directors

President – Angie Matteswipta_400x400

President Elect – Heidi Nicolazzo

Vice President – Andi Krizan

Treasurer – Robin Anderson

Secretary – Dawn Petrovick

State Legislative Liaison – Brenda Ward

Federal Legislative Liaison – Cyndi Barbian

Immediate Past President – Michael Anton

  Board Of Directors- Chairpersons

 Youth Outreach- Chloe Mattes


Technology- Shannon Mishun

Diversity/Male Engagement- Mike Almond

Education- Brenda Truchon

Bylaws- Penny Larson

Convention- Dawn Petrovick





Wisconsin PTA

4797 Hayes Road, Suite 102

Madison, WI 53704

Phone:  608.244.1455

Email:  info@wisconsinpta.org


National PTA

1250 N. Pitt Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703.518.1200 or toll free 800.307.4782

PTA E-mail: info@pta.org


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