One of the important things PTA’s do is provide programs, events and services for our children.  These difficult challenge.  Here is some useful information you can use when making these decisions.

Fund Raising & Finance Guide
Is your PTA an ATM for your School?

What can our PTA do to raise money?

It’s the beginning of the school year, your board is full of plans to make this year’s PTA the best yet.  Now all you need is the MONEY to implement the ideas……….

How is this going to happen?  It seems that every entity is trying to raise money and PTA is no different.  There are various ways to make money for your cause.  It’s just a matter of finding what works best for your membership.  Most units are aware of traditional fund raising.  That is, signing up with a company that has products (gifts, food items, discounts, etc.) and the items are sold through out the community.  Your PTA then receives a portion of the profits.  A great way to meet with some of these companies is at the WI PTA Annual Convention every April.

Suggested Fundraiser Ideas:

Other Fundraising Ideas to Research:

1. Research traditional Fund raiser Companies in Wisconsin.
2. Earn “Free Money” with certain products or retail stores.
3. Ask for donations.
4. Apply for Grants.
5. Have a raffle-you will need a license to do this.
6. Silent Auctions-solicit donations from companies, your community, parents, etc.
7. Hold the auction at one of your events.
8. Collect used cell phone, ink cartridges and more.
9. Hold a Car Wash.
10. Have a Bingo, Game Tournament, Art Show, Talent Show or Movie night.
11. Hold a Walk, Run or Jump Rope Marathon.
12. Have a Bake Sale, a Cake Walk or a Bake Off.  Do this during concerts, elections etc.
13. Hold a “Penny Drive”.
14. Have a Pancake Breakfast or Spaghetti Dinner.
15. Utilize Internet Fund raising opportunities.
16. Hold a Carnival.
17. Have an all school Rummage or Craft Fair.  Sell a space to vendors.
18. Hold a Gift Wrap event.  Offer this service during the holidays to busy people for a fee.
19. Create a Cookbook to sell with recipes from your members.
20. Collect Aluminum Cans.