Just like a business, your PTA is exposed to certain risks that you may or may not be aware of. You may do everything you can to prevent something from happening to your PTA, but in reality no one can guarantee that things are going to run smoothly all of the time. In today’s society, anyone can be sued for any reason.  PTA’s are not immune from liability. In the past, many school insurance policies have covered PTA’s, but more and more insurance companies are dropping parent teacher groups from the school’s insurance policy. Your PTA insurance policy will protect not only the assets of the PTA, but the personal assets of its members. In the event of a lawsuit, your PTA insurance will also pay attorney fees to defend you, whether the lawsuit has merit or not.

These are the 5 risk areas your PTA should be aware of:

General Liability – This will protect your organization if someone was injured at one of your events and held you responsible.

Accident Medical – This will protect your PTA by  providing medical coverage for risks that are specifically excluded from a liability policy such as mechanical rides, school buses, automobiles, and watercraft.

Bond – This will covers anyone that your organization trusts with the money whether it’s a President, Treasurer, board member, volunteer, or courier. If that person embezzles your money, this type of policy would replace those missing funds.

Property – This would protect your PTA’s property such as raffle merchandise, auction items and fund raising supplies while it is in your possession. This type of policy also protects any personal property  your PTA has acquired such as popcorn machines, snow cone makers,  school store supplies, emergency relief supplies, and more.

Officers Liability – This protects your officers for any decision making that they do. If someone sues the officers for mismanaging or misrepresenting the organization, this type of policy would pay your  legal bills and provide protection for these allegations.


Wisconsin PTA does not have a blanket policy for our units. Local PTA’s can purchase policies through most companies.