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New Officers–Start Here!

Welcome & congratulations on your new role as an officer!

First & foremost, we want to be able to reach you.  Our main form of communication is e-mail so your first step will be to make sure that we have your information.  Log into your MemberHub site and make sure that the officer information is correct for the current year.  If the information is correct but you are not receiving information from us via email, please check your spam/junk folder.

Step #2 – Register for your National PTA Local Leader Kit

Step #3 – Connect with us on Facebook on the Wisconsin PTA page and in our new 2019 – ’20 Leaders Group that is intended to give you a safe space to ask questions of your current WI PTA Board members and learn from each other.  One of the best resources in PTA is networking with other PTA people who are in the schools and working with children, families & communities everyday.

Step #4 – Transition (if you have not already done so) – meet with the outgoing officer who held your position last.  Summer is a really busy time but you need to get a sense of where they left off and where you are headed next as an organization.

Step #5 – Meet with your team–your other officers, committee chairs, volunteers, etc.  It’s okay to be social but make sure that you are all on the same page, come up with a theme for the year, goals, discuss what is working well and what needs improvement.  Most importantly–if something is not working don’t do it just because “We have always done it this way.”