Know Your Legislators


Getting to know you Legislators and building relationships with key state/federal officials needs to be done before their assistance is needed on an issue. Here is a simple 7-step way to build an effective relationship with your legislators.

  1. Register to vote if you have not done so already, and be sure to vote in every election.
  2. and current events. Learn a little about what’s happening in Wisconsin before you get involve! Click here to learn more about WI State Government.
  3. Learn the names of your state legislators and a little bit about them (IE: backgrounds, number of years as a legislator, committee assignments, legislation that
    they have supported, etc.) Find your representatives and contact information with this interactive map!
  4. Contact your Legislators.  Put your name on legislators’ mailing lists. Call your legislators’ offices  and ask to be put on their mailing lists. Legislators frequently mail news briefs to their constituents on information that is specific to the community.
  5. Meet your elected officials. Personal contact with elected officials is essential to developing effective relationships. Opportunities may develop through local or state business organizations, local civic  or charitable organizations, or through political functions.
  6. Communicate. Call or write your legislators on both the good and the bad. Let them know when you are pleased with their actions, and constructively communicate to them when you are not. If you are concerned about an issue, let your elected officials know how it will affect your practice and your patients. Remember that you have unique and influential insight to offer on issues.