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Start A PTA In Your School!

Interested in becoming one of the largest organizations for children?

You have come to the right place!  Wisconsin PTA’s Extension Committee can help your parent group start a PTA in your school.  We will come in and work with parents, school administration and other community residents to establish new units and offer mentoring, programs, ideas, training, information and support!  Contact the state office for an interest packet!

PTA is important in all levels of children’s education:

The Local Parent Teacher Association -The PTA at the local level is linked to the state PTA and National PTA, forming a nationwide network of members working on behalf of all children and youth.  Because of its connections to the state and National PTAs, the local PTA is a valuable resource to its school community with (1) access to programs to benefit children, youth, and their families, and (2) the recognition and size to influence the formulation of laws, policies, and practices – education or legislative.

Early Childhood PTAs – Preschool groups often round up parents from several neighborhoods and various early-childhood programs. They involve child-care providers, grandparents, and others concerned with the education and development of children from birth to age five.

Elementary/Middle School PTAs – PTAs serve as a type of forum where parents, teachers, administrators, and other concerned adults discuss ways to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy environment and safe neighborhoods.

Parent-Teacher-Student Associations – PTSAs actually provide youth members with the opportunity to make a difference by developing leadership skills, learning about the legislative process, increasing their self-esteem, and contributing to the school. In turn, adult members gain a new perspective for program development, as well as acquire a better understanding of the youth of today.

Special Education PTAs – National PTA believes that all children have the right to a quality public education, which allows each child the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. Special Education PTAs are designed to help parents advocate for special-needs children. For over a century, we have advocated as one on behalf of our most valuable resource; our children.  Together we are a powerful voice. Download “How to Start a PTA” brochure or contact Wisconsin PTA for an Interest Packet.

You may contact us with any questions at: info@wisconsinpta.org. Please be sure to include your name, email, phone number, school and what city you are from.