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Unit/Council Membership

What is a PTA Council?

A ‘council’ is a group of local PTA units (no less than three) organized under the authority of the State PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development, and coordination of efforts of such local PTA units.

Purposes of Councils:

Councils play an important role in the PTA. They provide support and assistance to the PTA units within their areas and are a valuable resource of guidance and information. Councils provide the following services:

Interpret, promote and support the basic policies of the PTA

Coordinate the efforts of local units within their areas

Make people aware of the need for action through the united strength of local PTAs

Promote the use of State and National PTA publications, programs, and projects

Provide in-depth background information on current issues related to the lives and education of children and youth

Assist local units, when asked, in understanding and carrying out action requested by resolutions adopted at State and National PTA conventions

Build local unit and public support for local, State, and National PTA legislative action

Provide opportunities for PTAs to address issues, which include but reach beyond the local school community

Strengthen PTA leadership by providing leadership development

Coordinate/cooperate in community projects

Enhance communication among local units, the council, and the state

Represent the interests of their member local units and the State and National PTA before school districts within their geographic areas and other
appropriate provider organizations or advocacy groups

Provide a forum for public information and debate on issues affecting children and youth, for candidates for public office and for legislative/public policy matters

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