These are Wisconsin PTA volunteers who have served on their local boards or councils.  they have been in your shoes. They remember being the new officer on the board and can support you in your role as you begin advocating for children at your local or council unit.  These volunteers collaborate to find you the resources and information that you will need throughout your PTA year.  The Region Advisors are here to help you meet the requirements of your PTA affiliation with Wisconsin PTA.  These requirements are no different than those you would need in any other non-profit organization and by keeping up to date with these requirements, you will stay in compliance with state and national regulatory agencies, such as , the IRS.

If you have been an officer at your local or council PTA/PTSA units and enjoy collaborating with others to help empower leaders to advocate for all children, please contact us at and find out how you can provide guidance and support to those who have stepped up to carry on the mission of PTA. You can also complete an application at Microsoft Forms.

2022-'23 Region Advisors

NEW in 2022! Meet our Spanish Speaking Region Advisor, Angelica Parra