01. Why PTA & Start a PTA

We are excited to help share the benefits of parent-teacher-associations and to get you started on the journey. You will find information on what PTA is about and tools needed to start a local PTA here.

02. Local Unit Toolkit

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03. Run Your PTA

Whether a new or seasoned officer, find tips for running your PTA such as COVID-19 resources, National PTA grants, association insurance, compliance and staying in good standing, along with ideas for family engagement events, membership campaigns and fundraising.

04. Forms & Checklists

Learn about bylaws, standing rules, resolutions, standards of affiliation, and how to create and submit documentation to Wisconsin PTA and the IRS. We are also compiling a series of checklists to help various positions have a smooth transition and successful year!

05. Membership / Memberhub

Are you in charge of your membership campaign? How do you ask your community to join you in the PTA mission? Learn more about running a successful Membership campaign, social media resources, marketing, and using MemberHub to report your memberships.

06. Training

Along the e-learning courses available through National PTA, the Wisconsin PTA hosts monthly virtual trainings on topics you choose. Our Leadership Summit, Expo, LegCon, and Convention offer training, networking, and a chance to connect on various other topics.


Your local unit or council is affiliated with the Wisconsin PTA which means that you can use our group exempt status and the PTA/PTSA name as long as you complete keep your unit in good standing. The items to keep you in good standing with the Wisconsin PTA Standards of Affiliation are the same things that all individual non-profit organizations need to do. We ask you to report to us so that we are able to help when there are questions and we can stay ahead of any deeper problems such as a local unit losing their non-profit status due to not filing taxes for three years.