Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Stop, Collaborate and Listen
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Four years ago this tiny 5 year old woke up early during summer break–just days before she would begin kindergarten, and did something braver than most adults would do on any given day. Alone, she stood on a stage in front of every teacher and administrator in her district, in front of several hundred staff, and showed them a dance she learned in summer school.

But no one saw the teacher who opened the health room to clean blood out of her hair after hitting her head on the playground before the performance.Or the mom who took a morning off work and managed 3 young kids on her own, just to give her daughter this opportunity.Or another teacher who went to her classroom to get her own art supplies to occupy the kids while they waited for the performance to begin.Or still another teacher who came from across the auditorium to watch this mom’s boys so she could just focus on watching her daughter.Every person played a role in making sure that child was successful that morning.As we head into another school year that will undoubtedly be filled with triumphs and challenges, remember this:You matter.Every person who crosses paths with a young person, regardless of their role, leaves an impact.  You may not see that impact for months, years, or ever; but I promise you, it is there. We, at Wisconsin PTA encourage parents, community leaders, teachers, staff, and administrators–everyone who interacts with our kids–to form connections, work together, and create a system of care that wraps around each child. When we work together, even our youngest scholars can accomplish some pretty incredible things.Vanilla Ice said it best: “Stop, collaborate and listen.”Have a great year, Wisconsin!