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We are:  Better together; Stronger together; Together again—together we can!! 

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president’s message

A newly elected executive board and board of directors led by President, Gena Kraemer, met in July to plan the upcoming PTA
year. We look forward to sharing our goals with you. For well over a year many of us were not together—although we tried with virtual Bingo & Trivia, virtual meetings, neighborhood drive thru parades, social distance graduations, drive thru meal & supply pickups 


Proposing and supporting policies and laws that better the education and lives of children is one of Wisconsin PTA’s most important roles. Use your voice at the local, state or federal level to make the changes important to Wisconsin’s children.


become a believer

Are you already a member of a PTA at a local school? Anyone who supports the mission of Wisconsin PTA can become a member-at-large, without a direct school affiliation. We welcome all supporters!  

Important News

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Grant Opportunity

Join Us!

Wednesday, October 27 at 7 pm we will be providing a zoom training on the National PTA Reflections Program and how you can bring this program to your PTA community and showcase the amazing artists in your school!  Register today to get the link to join.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Grant Opportunity

DEI Grant Recipients Announced

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Educators Credit Union, we were able to award five grants in the amount of $250 each for local Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion projects.  We will be following along this year as they reach their goals–stay tuned!

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Grant Opportunity

October/November 2021 Newsletter

Read our current newsletter or check out some of the archives!

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Grant Opportunity

Register Your PTA for Reflections

Anyone wishing to participatate in the Reflections Program must register!

safe kids wisconsin

booster seat safety

The WI Child Passenger Safety Advisory Board created a Booster Seat Info Bookmark to further promote the importance of children staying in their booster seat until they are 4’9” tall. Get your free bookmarks here!

Are you a #believer yet?

More Reasons to Believe in the Power of PTA

PTA believes together we can make every child’s potential a reality. There is no wrong or right way to be involved – anything you can give, whether it’s time or money, will help to support children’s health, safety and quality of education, and build stronger, more inclusive school communities.  Join us today, it only takes a few minutes.

Family Resources

The National PTA shares a large number of resources with Wisconsin PTA (WI PTA). Coupled with the incredible information our sponsors and allies share, we have information for most topics of interest for Wisconsin families.   

Awards & Scholarships

Scholarships and awards at the regional, state, and national level are just one of the ways students gain from PTA. Educator, volunteer, and honory PTA awards are also given to recognize those who devote their lives to Wisconsin children.

Conventions & Expos

Our conventions and expos are a great way to mingle with other parents, leaders, educators, and outside organizations.  Hearing how advocacy succeeds, receiving hands-on training They are also one of the biggest sources of operational funds for WI PTA. 

arts ed- reflections program

The Reflections Art Program encourages students to express themselves through creative arts. Visual arts, music composition, photography, literature, dance choreography, film production, and special artist awards given.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children through leadership, resources, and family engagement.

Get Involved

Find your local PTA unit, join the Wisconsin PTA as an individual member of the Wisconsin At-Large Unit, and become a National PTA member. Become a believer and help make every child’s potential a reality! It’s so much more than a bake sale, we promise! 

Upcoming Events

Oct 27, 7 pm - Reflections Program Zoom Meeting

Register to get the link for this zoom meeting that will explain what Reflections Art Program is and how you can bring this event to the students in your community.


Nov 1, 7 pm - WI PTA Roundtable Discussion

This will be an open discussion for local/council leaders to come together and share their experience.  We will not be recording or streaming to Facebook.  We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing and talking through ideas, struggles, wins, and problem-solving together.

Focus Areas


Learn how to write your legislators. Read PTA position statements. Find out about current legislative actions.


Understand what Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) means. Learn about the College & Career Readiness Initiative and assessments.

Family Resources

Getting families to talk about education. Downloadable student success guides. Learn the importance of being involved at/with school.    

diversity equity inclusion

diversity, equity & inclusion

Wisconsin PTA values and appreciates diverity, which enriches and strengthens the structure of our society within our state and nation.


Guides and resources to help talk to children about mental, emotional, physical health and safety and increase their understanding of the need for practicing safe behaviors. 


Local PTA Leaders gain expertise in how to run strong units. General members can also access free leadership training.

To Our Sponsors

Thank you!

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